Questioning Questions

When someone we or someone in the Bible asks a question of God, He often asks a question in return. When a child with attachment issues asks a question we are trained to ask one in return. This establishes power and who is in control of the conversation.

When we ask questions of God like “Why are you doing this to me?” “Are you serious haven’t I done enough for you?” “When are you going to provide for my need?” “Do you even hear me oh Lord?” We are faced with a loss of Attachment at our own doing. We lose the focus on His holiness,love,and power over the spiritual and natural things of life. Instead we shift that focus off of God and on to our own self. We put our needs and wants above the desire and will of the one who created us in that never ending love.

Not willing to lose us yet,in His greatness ,must come first He begins asking us questions in return. He gently asks “Who am I?” “What does my Word say?” “Will I ever truly leave you?” “Who created you?” This points us away from our self focused tendencies and back to His truth. Then our “attachment” /being close to Him and Him to us can be re-established with His heart and ours connected as the Holy Spirit encircles and dwells in our oneness.

Our rebellion ceases to exist when we realize we are not in control so we with a spirit of submission loosen our clutch on the control we thought we had but never truly did. A closer walk with the Lord is our desire and all unrest becomes a peaceful rest.

Here are just a few examples of this shown in scripture. This is just a small scratch of what could be dug up on the subject of our Lord asking questions when faced with a control taking question. Let us all be mindful of how we approach our sovereign Lord and king!

Mark 4:38,40

Luke 2:48-49

Matthew 9:14-15

Matthew 15:1-3

Matthew 26:6-10

John 13:37-38

Genesis 3:8-12

Job 38:1-4

Jonah 4:1-4

Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God…Not the Amish Romance

About every two to three months I get a young woman or two wanting to become Mennonite or Amish. They’ve done no research and are looking for dress patterns, or as they call it “Kapp” patterns.

Each time I’m a bit grieved because I know in reality nothing on the outside matters if the inside isn’t changed. I labor over how to answer them knowing I was once in a similar position but with a lot more research under my belt.

A “plain” church or fellowship can be of no use if you aren’t fully informed of the culture that goes with it. There is more than putting on a long dress and white cap which is really a head covering. A daily walk with the Lord as well as an understanding of the people you walk along side.

The new wears off and it does become hard eventually. You’ll want a solid foundation with Jesus Christ.

These are a list of things that pertain to the kingdom as well as entering a culture that I’ll be giving to my Amish collecting friends to think on in the future.

-Do you use foul language?

-What type of books and movies do you watch?

-What is your relationship with your family like?

-How long have you attended your plain fellowship for?

-Have you been 100% open and honest with them about your walk with Christ?

-Do you have unconfessed sins?

Are you non resistant? Do you know what that means?

-Do you have a mentor?

-Are you ready to die?

-What does following Jesus look like to you?

-Have you developed relationships inside of the community that you are trying to fellowship with?

-Do you know what it means if I say there are two kingdoms and I am a citizen of one of them?

-Have you read a lot of Amish romance books and just like this life style?

-Do you currently dress modestly to the best of your ability?

-What is your view on divorce and remarriage?

-What about Homosexuality?

-Do you hate anyone?

These are questions to ask yourself not to answer to impress me but to determine if you are ready to truly go in this direction. I am here to help you to find the answers and to guide you in a real relationship as a follower of Jesus Christ and to help connect you to a community when you are truly and sincerely ready. Until then pray and keep seeking the Lord.

Is the Fluff Worth it?

What is important in life? This is a seemingly easy answer. I find myself asking this very question of myself today. I’ve scrolled through my Facebook and checked my Instagram feed and I sit in amazement as I feel a little “icky”. And I can’t really say what it is really but I know it has to do with the fact so much is being lost around us day by day. Now don’t get me wrong folks because to be quite honest I will be the first one to say I appreciate social media and the opportunity to meet new people day by day and keep connected to friends and family afar.

Are we spending so much of our time taking pictures that will never be printed for the next generation to see? Do the captions that lay below these snapshot moments have any reality to them? Who are the people behind the cellphones that we subconsciously invite into our lives? Lastly do we as people really even know who we are anymore? This is not a new thought pattern and I’m not against social media at all but rather ask two main questions that will answer my above inquiries.

1. What is important? The taking of the pictures or the living the moment?

2. Who are we when we aren’t posting on social media?

Ok so technically that would be 2 1/2 questions. Could you answer them for yourself? I haven’t yet but I’m going too in my own personal time alone. Maybe I’ll even share my thoughts a bit later.

I challenge you and myself once we answer the above questions then start to ask a few more.

1. Who do you post on social media for?

2. What is your ultimate goal?

3. Who/what do you live your life for?

4. Do you actually like carrying your phone with you everywhere?

5. Are you posting 100% the truth?

6. Do you go back and delete stuff later? Or just post on stories that delete themselves?

7. Why don’t these pictures ever get printed?

8. What have you done lately that actually is worthy of a picture?

These are just some of the questions my heart is asking me as I type. No well laid out outline is going into this blog post. It is completely Spirit lead. As some of you know, I have had a six year battle over social media. I got rid of it for a year once but came back “just to connect with family”. I see so much negative that goes on with social media. Arguments,hate crimes,self harm,bullying,propaganda,discontentment,disconnect from real relationships,the list could go on and on. Yet I have been blessed by the tool social media can be. New friends that I’ve met in reality, penpals,my parents go Fund me,Being aware of needs,job opportunities,connection around the world,fast communication,prayer warriors,news,and the list can go on and on as well!

All this is to say I’m deleting a good majority of people from my Instagram and only be keeping it for the few people to stay connected. I’ll be deleting my snap chat because I really don’t like snap chat anyway. My Facebook will going through some revamping if you get deleted “unfairly ” then send me a new request nothing is personal.

I want what I do in life to be meaningful not a cheap replica of what everyone else is doing. I want to spread the gospel,write letters, live a life of purpose,and be my own sort of creative. I’ll still post school stuff and things that I feel matter but my goal is to rid my life of meaningless fluff. I’d encourage you to do the same.

Much love,Pilgrim Nicci

P.S. Go out and print your pictures for the next generation to see! Over Christmas break I poured over WW2 and Great Depression pictures! I’m so thankful Instagram wasn’t around back then or else I’d never have seen them.