One Day Away:Holmes County

Green rolling hills provide a place of escape and relaxation on a random August afternoon. The clip clop clip clop of the past mingled with the here and now can be seen in any given direction. Long lines hung from home to barn with rainbows of laundry swaying in the breeze catch our romantic notions of a simple life. It goes without saying that although the plain and simple life seems like something straight out of the storybook of our imagination, we know the reality is far from that. There is hard work, sometimes Spiritual abuse,and a not so simple framework. Yet as we take. Step into Holmes County and out of our current setting it is easy to just get lost on the ever wondering roads only stoping as our fancy directs.

I’ve been to Holmes County Ohio or as it’s affectionately coined Amish County Ohio, on several occasions now. Each time has been a real treat and uniquely different depending on who I have been with. This most recent encounter with HC has possibly been my favorite as far as just escaping day to day life to embrace a moment of peace and quiet. It was a short day trip that had zero planning and very little notice. I’m going to share my favorite HC spots and my suggestion on how to properly enjoy a day or two of relaxation.

1) First you’ll need a friend that you’re 100% comfortable with. I’m talking the friend that has zero expectations of you and you them. Be prepared to just be.

2)Find a hole in the wall place to eat your lunch or dinner. I’m going to strongly suggest that you skip Dur Dutchman and anything really that says Amish,German,or farm. The Charm Pizzeria is a quick and cost effective place to pop in and out without much fuss. The pizza was top notch amazing as well as their frozen lemonade (they don’t actually sell that but they made one for me anyway).

Rebecca’s Bistro is another really delicious option is you’re wanting something a little more fancy. It’s on the cusp of being too frilly for my taste but I have enjoyed what I’ve gotten each time I’ve gone. Be sure to allow extra waiting time, it’s a popular choice.

3. For the ladies going on this trip Mt. hope fabrics is a small but efficient store. I personally love their slip options as well as other such things. They have traditional sizes as well as some plus sizes which make this a must stop shop anytime I’m in the area. They also carry things at a decent price like pretty notebooks, church toys,and winter wear. I actually wear an Amish style woolly scarf over my head during the coldest days of winter. I purchased it here and I’ve never regretted my decision. They also have a growing fabric selection and although it’s all very nice quality, the price is a bit steep for my taste. Be prepared to pay $7.50 a yard.

4. When going to HC you’re going to be on the road a lot. Some people like to be choosey with their stops mapping out every moment of the day. That totally isn’t my flavor unless I absolutely want to ensure I make it somewhere. The most relaxing thing is to simply throw away your expectations and simply experience! Just drive for the sake of seeing the beauty around you! Stop and chat with strangers for the pleasure of a conversation. Go into a random store that doesn’t hold any agenda. Just be and soak up the spontaneity that a day in Holmes County can hold!

5. After all that spontaneous adventure you’ll be needing a good cup of coffee. The RudMug coffee company, which is in the same row as Mt. Hope fabrics, has everything that a solidly good coffee shop should have. Friendly employees-check,well made coffee creations-check,comfy couches and cozy corners-check. This place is fairly child friendly baring that your children aren’t total brats. Sit down with your gal pal and spend a while sipping a maple breve. I venture to say this might be the most satisfying part of your time in HC. No agenda just being together almost like that show Friends where the gang hangs out doing random stuff but together. Do that,be all there.

6. If you’re an avid reader or writer like I am then go ahead and make a stop at Faithview books. They have a wide variety of Christian books that I’d feel comfortable reading,gifting,and suggesting to others. They also have greeting cards,stationary,journals,and other gift items. If you’re still in need of some coffee they give out a free cup of coffee and I for one think that’s a selling point right there!

7. Lastly there is no end to where you can go or what you could buy. Keep track of what you’re buying and how much you’re spending. Yes but something unique,yes,buy something frivolous,but be careful not to just spend because you can spend and it’s “Amish”. I guess I’m just saying be smart.

I’ve been looking for an apron for a while. In fact I think every trip to HC I’m on the search. I finally found one!

I’d love to hear from y’all where you like to go in Holmes County. Do you like to spend one really long day or rather an entire weekend? I like both. In fact last year in November a group of friends and I did a long weekend. We got a cabin and did some shopping and did some crafting and that was just as enjoyable. I think what stood out this go around was absolutely nothing was planned. That honestly suits my personality better. I’m a go with the flow kind of a gal. So whether you’re like me or not I hope some of these rid bits can make your next trip to Holmes County Ohio a little more relaxing.

Much love,Pilgrim Nicci