A Fresh Start With a Rainbow of Opportunities

I love getting to that point in summer preparation that I look like an organized teacher. Things are colorful and in their place. It’ll only last four and half seconds but in those precious seconds I can imagine how file cabinet brains work while enjoying my confetti brain color explosion all the same. It’s a little like having the best of both worlds…for the four and a half seconds. It’s bliss!

A new year symbolizes a new opportunity. For me it is eight new opportunities to share God’s love and impact the future of the kingdom of God. In the beginning of each school year I feel so energized and excited but I know how quickly routine ,drama,and burnout can happen. Hey it’s the reality that comes with the weight of not only coming along side parents in spiritual education but also making sure their academic education is top notch too. My prayer this summer has been “Lord help me not to be a lazy teacher.” It seems like that shouldn’t be a prayer request of a young passionate teacher but it has been strong on my heart. I’ve taken extra care over this summer to listen and watch videos on effective teaching. The topics covered were from struggling students to colorful classrooms to story telling in the classroom. Each time I heard the speaker talk I would repeat my prayer.

Looking forward to this upcoming school year there are going to be challenges that I’m very aware of and want to help minimize as much as possible. Some of these are out of my control but can be greatly influenced by my willingness to be “all in” as a teacher. You see being an ENFP I have to work mighty hard to not want to scamper off to greener grass when things get difficult. However with the concrete knowledge that God has placed me right where I’m at means I have an obligation to being not only content but also thrive. That is exactly what I plan to do! That also gives me compassion,I think, to students who may not enjoy school so much. Hmm how can I bring them into a place of contentment?

So with that all said I am super excited for the learning environment that I have created! By far my favorite part of getting prepped for the year is the decorating! I’m not a classy teacher with simple beauty. And trust me check out our other classrooms they are STELLAR! Absolutely peaceful to walk into. I just LOVE seeing each teacher’s own flare! However I’m more of a funky person with bright colors and imagination. I like space to be filled with learning posters or quotes. I want my students to be looking at something inspirational,learning,or colorful in those moments that their minds wonder. I mean come on they are human and it’s bound to happen!

So for those that care I present you with our rainforest rainbow classroom! Each year it gets more difficult for me to maintain a color theme with a fun theme intertwined. I’m so happy with how this turned out! I walk in and feel the greeness and fun oozing through my mind. I hope the students do too! With a few more tweaks I’ll call it totally ready but I just can’t wait to share!

Much love,

Pilgrim Nicci

The future is bright ….