Snippet:A Call to be Bold

Do you ever wake with that certain kind of feeling deep in your chest? No, not a heart attack…but rather that undeniable pull away from this world and into the boundaries of the Father’s kingdom. When your eyes pop open , you’re ready for the day, but the awareness is oh so close that this is not your home. Homesickness for a place where you belong but have never seen is what propels you forward as a pilgrim desperately waiting for that time when the waiting is over. Yet strong is the desire not to walk alone. Not only do you desire to have company but so others can have the hope that is figuratively within your beating chest. So you walk out the door with a mission. “Lord show me someone’s soul…even just one soul is worth the fight”.

How is it we can be engulfed in the enormous reality of what our Lord is and what His love does yet we the church are such silent and timid characters almost acting ashamed of the promise we claim? I am speaking to you directly as well as myself. Who are the lost and what is it they they let slip away so casually? Do we truly care for them as we are deeply devoted to our God? We were asked on Saturday who of your brothers and sisters in Christ would you die for? I personally want to change that question. I ask, who of the lost souls are you willing to watch die? Are we willing to die for the life of one that is yet to be our sibling in Christ? Oh that gets a bit more difficult doesn’t it?

You see, I believe I can say fairly confidently that I would die gladly for a few things. 1) That Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords. 2) The Word of God is infallible and was inspired by God Himself. 3) That there is ONE bride of Christ that is the church. So if I (and you) have unshakable faith in those truths then I cannot wrap my mind around why we would go through this life with the yearning in our hearts for the fulfillment of His plan all the while turning a blind eye as the world and its citizens are perishing.

I was so encouraged by a woman who I would call a more quiet type come up to me with such zeal last night as she shared what she had learned about Jesus and the church . This woman is a born again sister of mine who is very intelligent YET there was a great desire to keep learning and sharing about our Jesus! I have never heard this woman speak with such awesome boldness and excitement before! Oh Lord let me be willing to do the same! Show me who is dying and let my response be appropriate!

Warm Fuzzy Life Fighting For the Lord

Do you ever wake up but choose to lay in your bed? The feeling of being wrapped up in blankets in a warm embrace almost encircling you deep into your heart? You know you won’t be falling back to sleep but you just aren’t ready to crawl out of your blanket burrito yet. With each moment passing you wake up a little more and as that happens you have happy thoughts of what the day will hold or memories from the past. It’s just a comfortable content feeling of ahhh.

That’s how I woke up this morning. In fact I still lay in my bed not officially ready to do the mountain of laundry or pay the bills and go grocery shopping. I’m simply enjoying these last few moments of “snuggling”.

As much as I greatly enjoy my comfortable existence and can’t help but let my mind wonder to my brothers and sisters around the world that are not in such a comfortable situation. How do they wake up? Do they ever even go to sleep? Does a guard kick them awake? Do the cries of the person in the cell next to them startle them into reality once again? Is the ach in their belly so great that they can hardly stand the pain?

What makes them different from me? Why do I get complete luxury yet they get misery? I don’t have those answers and that’s ok. What I do know is that I am bound with them in my heart and my prayers are always with them…even from the comforts of my bed wrapped in a quilt.

Am I willing to endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ? Would I stand strong outside of the protection of a lavish life? My greatest prayer isn’t that I’ll always be safe but rather that if that day comes that I will have had a life of preparation. That my allegiance was set long before the shackles were around my wrists. That the Word of a God was etched into my heart as if it were now a part of my being. I pray that whoever I may meet day to day doesn’t meet just me but that Jesus is who they see when they look into my eyes.

You see, I may never live in a land that hates me for the Jesus I serve. I most likely will not be thrown into a prison cell wondering where God is or why He’s left me. Rats may never be my only companionship. But that doesn’t mean I’m not in a raging battle for the kingdom. I’m not on the front lines currently as Job was or like my dear family but I’m in the battle all the same. I better be prepared and I better be diligent for this life is not a game and it isn’t won for my glory but for the glory of my God.

I must remember in prayer the front line workers who face Satan in the faces of other created humans. I must be strong as I face Satan in my own head. My brothers and sisters will face physical trails and endure so looking into the face of Jesus. I have no physical pain or suffering, mine comes from lies whispered or tempting things that are forbidden. I must stand strong just as they do.yes, the battle is raging and it looks different in the body of Christ depending on where you have been called in this life. No one situation is a higher calling and none are looked as less to our Father. The point is that we still battle on and rise up victoriously for His name shall be the name of victory in our lives

“Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.”

‭‭1 Timothy‬ ‭6:12‬

Two hours and they are gone, so is our opportunity 

600 people will die every two hours from starvation. 75% of those deaths are children. I just was in fellowship with my brothers and sisters from 10-3. That’s 5 hours! That means 1,500 people around the world died this morning as myself and roughly 500 people sat in our air conditioned building worshipping,eating lunch,and then worshiping again. If the statistics are correct that means if I was in a different position in life myself all the people in the sugar grove/Covington Meeting house would be dead. Not only us but several congregations in the area would of been wiped out too. The difference I see in the reality of the statistic and the hypothetical scenario of my mind is we know Christ. Do those that will die as I type this know Christ? Let’s take a step further maybe He isn’t their personal savior but have they even had opportunity to feel His love or will they die never even knowing what love is?

Honestly my concern isn’t whether or not someone is going to die or not. I’m not being harsh. It is sad for someone to die senselessly so don’t twist my words,please. However where the true tragedy really comes in and what I care about is people feeling Jesus’s love through us. Then only then can they begin to figuratively move in the direction of claiming Christ as their savior. They may still die ( or maybe not!) here on earth yet they will truly begin to live eternally. 

So as I sat in church today listening to a minister tell the children to clean up their plates because we are to be good stewards of what we have. Although I don’t disagree with him I often feel like what the church needs is direct ways to be informed of how to help the needy and share the gospel. So many times because of where the church came from I hear tip toeing around. I’m not implying that happened today. I instantly begin to think “ok he said be good steward and help our neighbors anywhere and everywhere. I know so many are doing amazing work here for the kingdoms sake. However are there some who don’t know where the need is and would like some resources for their time and money?”. 
I have come up with a small list of places I personally have found to meet our goals as kingdom Christians to share truth and meet the physical needs of our neighbors. I’ll mark (*) any that meet physical needs only that I still feel a good place to direct our stewardship.
1.) Vision Beyond Borders

2.)Voice of the martyrs

3.) Live Team

4.) Partners in hope* in Troy

5.)Lincoln Community Center in Troy *

6.) Health Partners free clinic *

7.) Mission Avation Fellowship

8.) I won’t post information but we do have several people in our fellowships that are in various areas spreading the truth. I’m sure they could use support so they can in return meet the needs around them.
Sometimes being a good steward is more than simply providing financially yet that can and is a blessing when you do physically need something. However there are vast opportunities to partner in prayer for the salvation of the dying world too! 
Street light Christian Ministries is a great example of using prayers to the best of their ability. I’d be happy to give you more information if you want it.
Anyway I hope this will inspire you to help others with the goal of their salvation at the front of your mind.

Much love,Pilgrim Nicci
PS. Just a suggestion maybe around the Sunday dinner table let’s stop having discussions about politics,gender issues,and the man at the grocery store with tattoos. Let’s have productive conversations about how we can be the light and live to the lost and dying! Let’s find solutions instead of complaining about what we don’t appreciate. A scornful eye and the act of avoidance won’t feed the hungry physically or spiritually. A kind soul that reaches in love to give bread and living water is what will show you have something worth taking!

This is a note to myself as well. Much love.