Pesto Please

Knock knock are you all still there?

After what seems like an eternity since I last wrote anything just purely for the joy of writing, I’m here to share something a little new to the blog. Now before I begin please don’t get your hopes up to much that this is my “new thing”. Inspiration hit as I sunk my teeth into a tantalizing chunk of “pizza” on Monday. Sure I had created it and yeah it smelled heavenly but you never can tell until you yourself just dig right in!

Now I’m not one to brag…ok, stop laughing! Ok, I AM one to brag and this pesto chicken pizza bread was A++ and I just couldn’t deprive my faithful followers from the tingling tastebuds that could await them.

Now dear ones I must say that before you get too emotionally involved with this concoction of fine degree, you must note a few things. No,I’m not anyone fancy therefore I don’t cook fancy. Let’s face it. I’m just a single gal(well not really but maybe that’s a post for a different time) cooking just for myself. Yes, it’s simple and perhaps you already have this in your arsenal of delectable delights. Lastly, I don’t measure when I’m creating so if you aren’t a roll with the punches kind of a gem, you may want to exit now. However IF you have scope for the imagination and are looking for something to shove in your face. I’ve got the “recipe” for you!

Pesto chicken pizza bread


(as I remember them but hey feel free to add what ya want. Cooking is your moment to shine!)


-Parmesan:a whole bunch

-Milk/half half/cream cheese:eh maybe like 1/4-1/2 cup?

-Salt/pepper: pinch but be careful on the salt. The pesto adds some saltiness and so does the parm.

-Cooked chicken finely diced(grab a big knife and recreate Julia Child and the onion scene in Julie and Julia)

-Pesto: Homemade is best but a small store bought container is good too.

-pizza cheese: I’ll give you the freedom of choice here.

-Crusty bread:

-Fresh mozzarella: Don’t cheat yourself here.

To begin our saga, the butter must first change its matter from a solid to a liquid, for those scratching their heads,melt the butter! Once the butter has made it’s transformation add the parm,you’ll want to lower the heat and begin stirring the cheese and butter. Add the milk or half/half of cream cheese (only a little cream cheese) and stir like your life depends on it. Once you’ve got a saucy looking liquid. Take it off the heat and set aside.

Next…are you still following me? Chop your cooked chicken,place it in a bowl along with the pizza cheese,some parm,and pesto. Toss that around a bit(I personally like to pretend I’m tossing a salad because let’s be real, it’s as close as I get to eating something green).

Set that bowl aside and grab the bread. Cut the bread in half. Begin scooping all the fluffiness right outta there. I am an excellent pretender and I imagined all of the *calories being ripped out! *Please note that no calories were harmed in the making of this pizza. You take full responsibility for the consumption of this recipe. Once it now resembles a bowl like boat pour some of the sauce into the carved out bread bowl. Spread it around like a normal boring pizza. After that, fill it up with the chicken mixture. I pressed it down a bit to pack the optimal amount of chicken into it. Grab your fresh mozzarella and slice it to put on top!

Now here’s the tough part. Do you want to freeze it for a later date or heat that baby up and go to town? Freezer option just grab a freezer baggy and let it do its thing. If you opt to eat it right away I’d suggest placing right on the oven rack. Bake at 350 until the mozzarella is getting golden brown!

Well folks I certainly hope you’ll enjoy this as much as I did! If you do end up trying it out, I’d love to hear from you! Pictures of the finished product would be awesome too!

As always much love,


Ps. Here’s a picture to prove I’m still amongst the living!

Teeny Tiny Blog Post for a Teeny Tiny Egg

So here is a true story. One that probably touched my heart more than it will yours. Yesterday as was shown the little nest among the pink flowers I was inspired to start thinking of the empty nest and how if only there were some eggs it could be a home. Then I went along with my day trying to create my blog for the respite care I’ll be doing. There in the free templates was a flock of birds taking off for flight. Momentarily I “wrote something” in my head. Oh but if only there were some eggs then my nest could symbolize something that I had brewing in my mind. As I marched outside with the trash in my hand ready to go to the dumpster something caught my eye. A little teeny tiny egg sitting on my stair far from any nest! I have no idea how it got there and I know it’s probably dead. Something in me said “Nicci but there’s HOPE. You could at least put it in the nest. At the very least it looks like it belongs”. That’s exactly what I did. Maybe I damaged it forever and I hope that maybe just maybe a momma bird will come and adopt it. I don’t know the future of this little egg but I was touched that God heard my silent prayer for a little egg!

Diary post

Sometimes the feels of life seem so big. Feelings of heart crushing sadness and agonizing pain in knowing the pain of the world. Then there is so much joy that there is no feasible way to contain it. Alongside joy is unshakable contentment in knowing I rest in the arms of my Father. When these feels all collide it makes me want to sit in a pool of my own tears, happy and sad. I’m glad that life doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience. There is one greater than I that has put each moment into place and every emotion there for a purpose. This life is a gift and with the setting of another sun I look to the heavens and think of the perfect son and thank Him for being by my side every step of the way…maybe I should say for being with me on the roller coaster of life. Through the valleys and the mountains never does He tire of walking forward in this pilgrimage.

P.s. Keep an eye out for my next blog post. It’ll be about my time at Camp Attach in Florida.

P.s.s. Also watch out for the post I will be writing for the Daughters of Promise Blog coming soonish!