Diary post: Pep talk to the stressed mess

We get this moment only once here on earth. So often we let it go unnoticed. Maybe it’s the flowers that bloom and quickly fade away or it’s the passion of a new believer that on fire for Christ do we fully embrace the magnitude of our God in both of those moments in time or do we long for the next moment while this one phases away? Let’s stop and truly smell the flowers in an act of praise! Let’s embrace the new saint and bless them on their journey. Let’s fully live alive in the new life we have been given! We have a purpose let’s not waste it!

———/ This is totally a pep talk for myself as I’m coming out of a season of well..let’s just say it…juggling too much. It’s showing in my health big time as I realize I was just stretching myself too thin and the balls began to drop. Stress, it’s something I had heard about but didn’t really think affected me all that much. Peeps listen up, if your body,work,and whatever else is telling you to stop and live in the moment by all means DO IT! Don’t allow stress to make you something you don’t even recognize. Don’t go through the motions of life! LIVE…truly live! I knew something was off but it wasn’t until last week when essentially I was fired(contract not renewed after six years)from my long time job that I realized I didn’t even recognize myself. Honestly I was relieved,sad but relieved. Stress! I had everything to look forward to but moment by moment I wasn’t fully feeling every joy that surrounded me. In fact I was becoming numb to the things I was passionate about in life. Praise the Lord for the closed door,as sad as it is! I feel the door to life being reopened as I’m focused on one day at a time(in reality not just in the words I say). God is good and freedom to live is worth more than gold!

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