Handwritten Letter: A Lost Art or Not Needed Anymore?

There is one thing I like to do straight away when I get home. I check my mailbox…well mail basket actually. There is spark that gets ignited when I see a little white envelope tucked neatly inside. It’s like finding a secret treasure only meant for me. Sometimes..more often than not, I find my basket empty. One look in its solemn depths and the spring in my step gets a little less springy as I return to my apartment upstairs.

Recently I purchased some postcards at the Little House Museum in hopes to send them out as a bright reminder to someone that I care. However as you suspect they have sat on my kitchen table abandoned next to the pile of envelopes I want to respond to. I set a goal this week to get those darling postcards written and sent by Saturday. We shall see if I can meet my goal! If I do then I’ll have the satisfaction of not letting the age of social media win and help revive the art of a well written letter.

The other day I had the urge to start painting. In all truth I’ve always longed to learn to paint but as with most things square one is elusive. I set out to find square one. It turns out it’s not so hard,you pick up some supplies and just go at it! Square two however was a bit difficult. You see, after painting three rather nice paintings ( in my opinion) I had no clue what to do with them. Hmm..well they are kind of postcard shaped. I could maybe write on the back and send it as a letter! There is where I found square #2! On to square three! Oh dear, I’m not so good with follow through. I was about to hop right off of square three and reside comfortably on square two when I decided to plan who my three paintings were going to! Oh great now I won’t have to be a hoarder! I can paint and write comfortably without feeling like I’m wasting space or time learning how to paint! It’s a win win and I’m happy here on square five. I’ve always wanted a hobby but I cannot sew due to motion sickness,I cannot play an instrument because I cannot read music,and knitting is boring. I’m happy to say I think painting is my fit!

With a goal for my postcards and a plan for my letter paintings I cannot help but wonder if I’ll get a letter back. In a time of life where texts go a mile a minute and Facebook Messenger makes quick work of an online conversation who even needs hand written letters anyway? Weren’t they simply the only reliable form of communication in the Olsen days? Isn’t it natural that we move past this era and fully say goodbye to those beautiful stamps and scribbles on the paper? NOOOOOOO!!!!! Here’s why.

1. In our busy lives for us to take time to sit down and hand write a letter it says something far more important than what’s on the page. It says “You’re worth my time.” Human connection is something rapidly being replaced by the like button on Facebook and the self checkout at Walmart. Show someone you want to stay connected by putting forth effort.

2. The thoughts written and the message conveyed come originally from you. No spell check,google what to say,or emoji to cover a multitude of emotions. It is100% you (if you allow it).

3. Handwriting is getting worse and worse by the minute. Most children soon won’t even know how to write or read in cursive. I have terrible hand writing and practice to make it better because I know that writing in cursive is the equivalent of doing brain exercises! You literally can strengthen your brain by writing a letter.

4. Being able to freely communicate via mail is a privilege that some don’t have.

5. You can bring a smile to someone across the miles.

6. A hand written letter is something tangible that can’t be deleted. Often times people keep their letters for a while.

7. It was one of the original ways to communicate to your love. There is something so romantic (and pure) about hand written communication.

I’m curious to know how many of my friends/people that read my blog actually hand write letters regularly. If you do let me know. I’m sure it’s less than I care to admit. We can restore the human connection and find a balance between social media and the communication of the past. I don’t believe it an either or situation. Each has its place but as I see it one is running rampant and destroying the opportunity to stay in touch rather than stay in the loop. With the world at our fingertips we are losing valuable moments and not grasping real life. Traditions and purposeful time is being wasted and slipping little by little. How will you bring human connection back into your life? What about in the lives of others?

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