Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God…Not the Amish Romance

About every two to three months I get a young woman or two wanting to become Mennonite or Amish. They’ve done no research and are looking for dress patterns, or as they call it “Kapp” patterns.

Each time I’m a bit grieved because I know in reality nothing on the outside matters if the inside isn’t changed. I labor over how to answer them knowing I was once in a similar position but with a lot more research under my belt.

A “plain” church or fellowship can be of no use if you aren’t fully informed of the culture that goes with it. There is more than putting on a long dress and white cap which is really a head covering. A daily walk with the Lord as well as an understanding of the people you walk along side.

The new wears off and it does become hard eventually. You’ll want a solid foundation with Jesus Christ.

These are a list of things that pertain to the kingdom as well as entering a culture that I’ll be giving to my Amish collecting friends to think on in the future.

-Do you use foul language?

-What type of books and movies do you watch?

-What is your relationship with your family like?

-How long have you attended your plain fellowship for?

-Have you been 100% open and honest with them about your walk with Christ?

-Do you have unconfessed sins?

Are you non resistant? Do you know what that means?

-Do you have a mentor?

-Are you ready to die?

-What does following Jesus look like to you?

-Have you developed relationships inside of the community that you are trying to fellowship with?

-Do you know what it means if I say there are two kingdoms and I am a citizen of one of them?

-Have you read a lot of Amish romance books and just like this life style?

-Do you currently dress modestly to the best of your ability?

-What is your view on divorce and remarriage?

-What about Homosexuality?

-Do you hate anyone?

These are questions to ask yourself not to answer to impress me but to determine if you are ready to truly go in this direction. I am here to help you to find the answers and to guide you in a real relationship as a follower of Jesus Christ and to help connect you to a community when you are truly and sincerely ready. Until then pray and keep seeking the Lord.

5 thoughts on “Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God…Not the Amish Romance

  1. J L Hopkins says:

    Would it work to have an online Amish community? It could be great learning experience for those of us not born into this kind of life and who live in countries where there are no ‘Plain’ communities, altho I do belong to a church that has a ‘plain’ history which I think should be revived.
    It would be great to uncover those ‘roots’ again and build on them…

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    • I mean no probably not. Think about it. Most plainer communities don’t want internet or technology. The very idea would go against the grain of the culture.

      However I believe it possible to have an online fellowship of sorts. In fact on Facebook there is a group called Becoming conservative Anabaptist that has been a community for some in isolated areas.


  2. I’ve been thinking about this post the last few days since I read it. As a conservative Christian, who isn’t Amish or part of a Plain community, I get exasperated with pop Christian fiction that gives an inaccurate image of a Christian life.
    So, in thinking about how it grieves you to have these girls seeking the “Amish romance”, it makes sense. You know the reality. And yet what a wonderful opportunity you have (and you seem to accept it too) to guide these girls! Your patience and kindness are apparent in your response – which is an example to other Christians (like me!).
    I am firm believer that there is no coincidence, but God works in all these things! So, thank you for your perspective. I really appreciate your blog! I am glad you write here and honestly share!

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    • Hi there,
      Thank you for taking the time to comment. Yes, my heart wouldn’t be to push people away but rather push people in the right direction in evaluating their own hearts and motives. There is an amazing beauty in an anabaptist fellowship and I wouldn’t want to put a wall up to those that are truly seeking community. However our community will be no different than any other community if it’s people don’t have heart changes.
      I also firmly believe in one true church and that is the church of God. That can be found in many different denominations and communities. A woman may dress modestly and cover her head right now in almost any situation. If a person isn’t already following Jesus to the best of their knowledge outside of a community 90% they won’t do it inside of one permanently.
      Our entire life must be to bring honor and glory to our Father God.

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