A New Tradition

Plastic eggs,gourmet meals,and a cute fluffy bunny with a pink bow tied around it’s neck. Little girls with new Easter dresses and boys wearing spiffy suits. It’s a day to remember but do we even know why? Is it the egg hunt after church or the overflowing basket left by the Easter bunny? Maybe it’s because of family and the meal we will share? Oh I just can’t waiting o get home to eat my chocolate rabbit! I’ll start at the ears and won’t stop until I gets o its toes!!! Oh how I love this day! A day to remember!

The above paragraph makes me a little sick. I walk around the stores and I see an abundance of stuff. This stuff makes me feel something and I don’t like it. It brings back memory’s of my childhood that were precious and innocent. They bring back memories of my early teenage years as they became a little less innocent. And they bring back memories of a future I don’t want any part of. Oh I used to love Easter just as I did every other holiday. It was an opportunity to get gifts and have fun. I look around and see how the world has cheapened once again an opportunity to celebrate Jesus Christ. No we don’t need a day set aside and arguably it’s pagan anyway but most Christians of today would in fact associate it with being a religious holiday.

I remember last year the minister that spoke blessed me and many others by standing up and preaching a heart felt message. There was no scheduled egg hunts after. There was no band lined up to play music. There wasn’t decorations on the walls. There was a humble man and a congregation ready to worship. It was solemn,it was a time of rejoicing,it was moments of expectation for us all. The expectation is the realization of what He did! He died literally died. This man…oh I don’t my to go into he happenings you know it by heart but church wake up!!! Don’t you get it? This is your king!!!! Why reduce this day set aside to what this cursed world would desire of you? Why not keep it entirely focused on our Jesus and His victory of love? Why not?

Get rid of the Easter baskets. Do away with the stuff you don’t need to buy because it’s only going to last one day anyway! Use this day as a day to say thank you. Teach your children a tradition that they can look forward to in knowing their mom and dad associate Easter with being humbled and willing to put away the pressures of this world to keep up and just give the day to the Lord? Why not?

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