They Call Me a Fool, He Calls Me His Bride

Twirly swirly dress all pink and cute. Hair done up in a fancy do. Make up on and and nails painted to impress. Everything is just right and you are ready to dance all night! A Disney princess is what you’ll be but in the mirror you’ll no longer be.

Girls grow up with thoughts being put into their heads. From the moment they can sit up they are put in front of television screens to watch what a fantasy woman should be. It starts out with cutesy characters as babes. They sing and dance and always are put in situations that require a prince. The story ends happy and an idol is made.

As the little girl starts to grow gone are the cartoons and to replace them are “real” girls with real issues going through life on the screen in their living room.Disney channel has put together a picture perfect group of friends for the growing up gal. The middle school “friends” that they observe each week have boyfriends,slumber parties, school dances,and unchaperoned trips to the mall. These girls feel like they are grown because they are keeping up with what they have seen. Often they will struggle with where they fit into life and many times this is where good parents lose their daughters heart.

As she grows and finds her independence all too soon, the temptations are no longer temptations. They have become her reality just like the realities on tv. As a family you watch a train wreck of a situation thinking “Oh I’m so glad that isn’t my family” but in reality the “reality TV” isn’t too far from what goes on in some households.

Your daughter wakes up each morning and starts putting on the mask that the world has been building for her over the many years. It goes beyond the make up and clothing she wears. It is her identity. One that was perfectly crafted for her, like a cookie cutter for this worlds entertainment. She now is a walking billboard for men’s eyes to see and lusts to crave.

Call me radical,a goody goody, or void of reality. I remember shortly after starting my journey with Jesus, a woman in my fellowship was talking to me about some books her daughters had received for free. The woman said something to the effect that she felt bad but she had thrown away several because they had Disney princess in them. I remember thinking “OH MY GOODNESS you are SOOO dumb! There is nothing wrong with Disney and your daughters won’t be corrupted by cute princesses.” I ask her why she didn’t approve of them and she said because of the lack of modesty and magic associated with them. Oh brother what a goody goody, I excused myself from the conversation nicely.

Over the next year and a half I’d hear little tid bits here and there of families not watching Disney movies. Still I just found these people a little radical and removed from reality. That was until one day I was watching The Princess and the Frog movie and I literally couldn’t continue to watch it. My spirit said “Nicci this is awful and this is beyond just fun characters talking”. I saw what was before me and knew that black magic was real and something to be avoided yet here it was being force fed to children ( and myself) wrapped in enchanting songs. I got up and stopped watching and I am thankful. Am I saying that if I’d continued to watch it I’d be damned to hell? No, but I knew then that my relationship with Disney would never be the same.

Retelling the account to a coworker at the time he said “How dumb Nicci”. I was horrified and shocked..until he said “How does it feel to be dumb to the world? Did you say at the beginning of the year you thought that woman with the books was dumb? I’d say the Holy Spirit is working in your life”.

Oh…is that what my life is going to be? Everyone s going to think I’m dumb? Well yes, that pretty much sums up the past five years. I have one sister who no longer identifies as part of our family ( not because of me) and thought I was odd. My other sister continually feels like anything I say or post is a direct attack on her life and has decided I’m self righteous. That’s ok because I’ve accepted the reality of being a fool to this world but a value to Jesus Christ. Most anything I choose to talk on is based off of my own personal experience with the Holy Spirit.

So as you turn on your TV or put in the DVD think of these two thoughts.

1. What pattern are you cutting out for your daughters?

2. Isn’t it odd that Disney “grows ” with your kids? From childhood to the teens being branded for a cross over audiences. Who is in control of that and who are you allowing to control the future of your daughters.

I wouldn’t call myself 100% against Disney but I’m certainly not 100% for it. Would a trip to Disney Land/World be harmless? Oh probably but a regular interaction and invitation into a home in my opinion can be damaging. Ever wonder why children can quote and sing every word of the movies and songs? Ever consider why it is so captivating to them and they demand to watch it over and over? I too can quote most of every Disney song and honestly enjoy listening to them every now and again. I’m not arguing getting rid of all Disney and calling it the devil. Although I don’t think it is something I’d have in my home if I had children. I’m just saying consider what you are shaping your daughters after. Is it the heart of Jesus the king of kings or is it the princes of this world?

I have so many more thoughts on this subject I’d be glad to share in open conversation. I’d equally be open to hearing your thoughts. They might not line up with mine and that’s ok. So please feel free to comment.

We are fools for Christ’s sake, but ye are wise in Christ; we are weak, but ye are strong; ye are honourable, but we are despised.

1 Corinthians 4:15-16

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