With This Life I Will Worship

What motivated me to go to worship this morning. That was the question that was presented to us as we sat on the hard benches in nice neat rows. I’d like to say that knowing Jesus would be present was my motivation to enter the building and sit down for two hours. If I said it was then I’d be telling a lie. My motivation this morning was because it’s what I’m supposed to do. Now please read carefully. That was my motivation for entering a building this morning. My motivation for worship today and every day is creation. The alarm goes off and I open my eyes and don’t have to be told I’m alive, but I am! I was created for reason. To worship,give glory,and spread the Word of my God! I saw creation as the sun rose this morning in soft cotton candy blue and pink windows that let the golden sun light burst through,and I worshiped. I felt creation when I walked outside and the chilled air hit my face and caused me to shudder,and I worshiped. I experienced creation as I took time to notice the swirly patterns of frost on the hood of my car. They glistening in the sun and almost danced as I took it in,and I worshiped. The sun bounced off of an area to my left and there sat the bush I ignore every single day yet today it was different and it was beautiful. A new to me creation,and I worshiped.

These things of creation are in themselves not to be worshipped yet the one who created them is! So although motivation to enter a building that may or may not facilitate worship wasn’t a grand idea in my heart today, the act of worship was.

I’m not trying to contradict the ministers message. In fact it hit my heart in a way I’m ashamed. I should of been thrilled with the opportunity to enter that building because Jesus WAS there through each and every individual that brought Him. We had a time of orderly worship and it filled some of the empty parts of my heart. I’m thankful for worship in the building with the straight rows of hard benches. I love the church bride of Christ that fills them. So I do go and do what I’m supposed to do and yes sometimes it gets routine and I need a little reminder or a pep talk as to why I go. Yet in my heart of hearts and deep in my desires I worship my God not because I have to but because I want to. Why wouldn’t I? One look around and there is a million reasons to sing His praise! So although I love Sunday opportunity I live for the everyday song of my heart.

Love, Pilgrim Nicci

2 thoughts on “With This Life I Will Worship

  1. Melissa says:


    I recently stumbled upon your b!og and I have been enjoying your thought-filled posts.

    For someone so young, you have much insight.

    May God bless you and I look forward to reading more about your journey and pilgrimage.


    Liked by 1 person

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