Just a snippet: Image

When God created people He created them in His image. His vision for His image is not to be in an unhealthy state whether that be various addictions,sin,unhealthy relationships,or even depression. I believe His vision for each of us is to be healthy,happy,and living life to His glory. We cannot do that effectively if we are beat down,attending a chronic pity party,judging others,and hating who we see looking back at us in the mirror (physically or mentally). Someone asked me if the words I said to myself and thought about who I was were things I’d say to my best friend. That opened my awareness that what we believe and say about ourselves will impact how we thrive in life. No I wouldn’t tell my friends that they were worthless. I’d never look at them an announce that they would be better off dead. I wouldn’t be caught thinking they were unlovable. When I realized that I was created in the image of God for “such a time as this” I began to see that there was no possible way to continue living the life that had some how become my new normal. I didn’t have to settle for pain and hopelessness. My pride didn’t need to get in the way of me fulfilling my today and my future. Becoming healthy looks different to each individual that chooses to take that first step. I know for me it started out as a need to overcome despair and to gain strength to be able to do my job. It has taken many new forms as new visions of possibility take place. I dream of a day that I can run in a race! I long to not be the “big girl” in a group of people. I want to grow the list of vegetables that I actually enjoy! Most importantly I want the strength to continue to grow within me both mentally and physically. Let us all remember today and everyday that we have value, one we didn’t earn or must strive to keep. From that knowledge let’s move forward,head held high,and treat ourselves as we treat others.

Weight loss update


I still have 62.1 pounds to go to meet my personal goal of losing 110 pounds. I’ve lost 47.9 pounds since October 29th 2019. There have been days of planned indulgences such as Christmas then there was a couple weak moments of binge eating old habits such as that incident with the entire an of Pringle’s. I’ve made positive choices most of the days since I’ve started. I’ve learned to add some vegetables to my diet and to really enjoy them! My mental heath has improved just as much as my physical health. I’m have gained strength over food addiction and addressed the “why” behind me being obese. It was never simply because I just really liked food a lot. In fact the list of things I would eat was so small that even the simple act of going over to someone’s house for Sunday dinner was a huge struggle for me. The food I liked was not nutritious and delicious food. It was drug food laden with chemicals and toxic addictive additives. Things like Doritos,boxed foods,frozen chicken fingers,fast food,pop,and candy. This stuff isn’t food. I’m not saying a person should never eat these things but if someone chooses to consume such things it should be done with an extremely cautious way. I certainly don’t eat 100% clean but I’m working each day to get one step closer to that goal. It’s not going to happen over night. I just know that if I eat out it has to be planned and not a random situation. If I don’t, I’ll end up eating out every night that week. I’m very careful about what chips enter my home. They must be an alternative and be in a pre weighed package. Just having these little boundaries ensure I’m not eating out of an addiction but rather an informed choice. That way I don’t have those horrible situations where I consume an entire can of Pringle’s ever again just because I’m overwhelmed and don’t want to have to come up with a plan. It’s simply not an option 98% of the time to not have a plan anymore.

This weekend my dear friend is coming into town and I have a plan. We will be eating two non WW friendly meals. I don’t plan on overeating but rather ordering something I really truly want. The Cheesecake Factory is a 1-2 times a year treat and I full intend on ordering chocolate cake to which I’ll track all 80+ points. We have made sure that all of the activities we are doing while she is here are active and get our bodies moving! I’m not concerned one bit because I know above all else that my mind,heart and body have changed!

This side by side is so awesome to me! The today picture I had to hold in my dress because it was so loose that you couldn’t see the reality of my size difference. Like I said…I have A LONG WAY TO GO. This isn’t a get to goal and stop choice I’ve made. This is my new life and oh man it feels so very good!

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A New Direction

I have made the official decision to go to college. First I’ll need to get my GED. I dropped out at 9th grade due to some family life situations that were out of my control. I’ve worked everyday since I dropped out. Ranging from at a movie theater to a teacher to a bulk foods store to therapeutic respite and everything in between. I’m not dumb and I’m a hard worker. However I do lack education and from my own research am probably at about a fifth grade math level. Getting my GED seems daunting. I’ve started the classes before here in Ohio and shortly quit because I was treated like less than human. The teachers husband had worked with ex German Baptist and through their slander she was very much biased against me. So I quit and let the lies of Satan tell me there was no use trying because I was stupid.

I know I’m not stupid. I simply had no real chance of getting ahead in my education as a kid. I remember being told by the principal of the Christian school I went to that I’d never graduate and never go to college. I was somewhere in the 3rd-5th grade range. That statement has haunted me. Well I did drop out but that lie of Satan will be defeated! I AM going to college and I am going to graduate!

I’m not trying to cast blame always on others. Definitely by time I hit 9th grade I simply didn’t care anymore. I was done and almost relieved to not have to go to school anymore. Looking back I would have still made the choice I did and I have no regrets. As a child it’s not that I didn’t want to learn, I simply had so much going on at home. Sometimes we wouldn’t have electricity,hot water,water at all,a bed,a home,or were living in a motel. I also went through a really rough stage when I was 13-15. I’m not blaming my parents because they have given me more than what those things can hold. They gave me a foundation of love,support,and encouragement to do whatever I wanted to do in life. Well I know what I want to do in life! I will be getting my GED after I study,apply for Occupational Therapy assistant school,and more importantly prove that it is possible to reach your dreams!

My story isn’t the worst out there. I wouldn’t change where I’m at or how I got here for anything. Yet I know people have come from less and have met bigger goals than mine! I look to them as my inspiration! I admire those who come to this country with nothing and yet have fought to have a new life. I look up to those who have had traumatic brain injuries and their families were told they’d be in a bed for the rest of their life but they are thriving! I want to prove that if you have a God given vision and you step out in faith that you CAN rise above the things that Satan will use to bring you down!

I love my work with children with Reactive Attachment Disorder and I hope to continue to have opportunities to grow in knowledge and ability to give those families a rest. I don’t feel that it’s a path that is long term viable financially for me as a single person. The unpredictability of training,families to work with,and the nature of the job is better suited as a ministry vs. a career in my life. I struggle charging what I have to charge for families who are already pouring their entire life in fighting this battle. My current job situation ends come fall and that’s the time I’ll be making transitions in my life focus (Lord willing).

Likewise I loved and do love teaching. I strongly believe it is my gift. I have considered long and hard about going to college to teach. At the end of the day I simply have too many strong thoughts and beliefs that don’t line up with the mass majority (even among my own fellowship). That doesn’t make me superior to have a different thought process but there comes a time to know where I stand and to not feel ashamed for standing firmly in what I believe.

I have been incredibly resistant to the idea of going to school because I lacked the self worth that I was worth the effort. I now know that I am only limited by myself. I have been praying,seeking,pleading with the Lord for over a year now to guide me. I fully believed He’d drop what my next step was on my lap. After a year of Him being silent on the matter He did! I’ve had multiple people tell me that I was crazy and God doesn’t drop situations on people’s lap. It takes just picking something and going with it. One evening about a month ago He whispered into my heart “Nicci, I set you on the path to work with special needs and special situations. That’s what I expect you to do.” Initially I did a quick google search to see what jobs were available working with special needs. I thought “oh I’ll be a teacher with special needs kids!” However no more did I scroll I KNEW what I was going to do. Occupational therapy. It’s like something clicked. I would be able to use the knowledge and passion that I already have while gleaning new skills to help people live a more full life. From there I’ve been gathering information and praying and at this time I plan to go that route. I am open to the Lord directing in another way but as of now this is my plan. My very first step is that daunting GED! I feel very afraid because everything seems huge yet I feel excited because I have proven to myself that I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me!

I ask for your prayers as I move forward.


Pilgrim Nicci

Something to be Treasured

Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal.

Matthew 6:19-20


Have you ever stopped to wonder what treasure really is? What comes to mind when you hear that word? Is it a beautiful chest of gold hidden by pirates as depicted in the storybooks of our youth? It could be jewelry that a loved one has gifted you as a sign of love. Hard earned money at the end of a week of work could seem very treasure like as it is the key to buy even more treasures. Whatever it’s may be that comes to mind it is nothing in comparison to the heavenly treasures that God has given in the eternal life. Even the earthly treasures gifted to the earth by our creator are just temporary. We have things such as a Columbine flower,the sun shining for the first time after a long winter, birds singing in the morning, or that precious moment the trees began to bud. Those treasures certainly point us in a heavenly direction as we stand in awe of our great creator God. Yet they will fade in time. The Word says in Isaiah 40:8,

 “The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever.”

Revelation 21:23 says,

 “And the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it: for the glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb is the light thereof.”

Genesis 1:30 shares that all life,every living thing was given by God.

“And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat: and it was so.”

Ecclesiastes 3 shows us clearly that there is a time for everything and even those song birds and the budded trees shall die.

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;”

If our treasures even the God given earth treasures are nothing more than to be enjoyed in the here and now what is a treasure in eternity? First and foremost the greatest treasure given was the opportunity of salvation through the blood and life of Jesus Christ our savior king. Jesus said very plainly “I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?-John 11:25-26 There will always be an earthly death. Just as Jesus died for our sins we too will die yet the kicker of it all is that WE SHALL LIVE AGAIN! The treasure of the life of Jesus lives in us is to literally be alive forever bound with Him in eternity in the permanent and forever kingdom. What other radiant treasures await us in that forever kingdom with our forever life?

If it weren’t enough to simply get to live forever worshipping our king we(the church) will have the great treasure of being married to Him in the most holy of ceremonies of all time. Revelation 19:7-9

“Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready.

And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints.

And he saith unto me, Write, Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb. And he saith unto me, These are the true sayings of God.” As a single person this especially perks my ears and causes my heart to beat a little faster! Individually some of us may never get to collect the beautiful treasure of a godly marriage. The white dress may just be a fragment of our imagination. The sting is quickly lightened by the abundant fullness of this treasured promise of the marriage feast of the Lamb! Let us marinate a while in your heart right now. The king of King’s treasures you and you treasure Him in a love incorruptible by time or sway of affections. Ah a treasure indeed!

James 1:12

“Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.” From my brief study on the subject of crowns there are five types of crowns to be given as a treasure in heaven. The crown of life,the crown of righteousness,the crown of rejoicing,the crown of glory,and the incorruptible crown. I won’t even begin to expound on each one. I’ll leave that for your own personal study. I’ll leave you with this thought. Straighten your back and hold your head high. Imagine the hand of God placing a crown upon your battle weary head. Look around,what is it you see in your heavenly visions? It’s going to be so much more of a treasure than what you or I can conjure up in our human imaginations. I know this one thing, with a crown comes confidence. 1 John 4:17 17 “Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as he is, so are we in this world.

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.

We love him, because he first loved us.” Christian hold your head high not of your own earthly strength but because of the boldness that is in you from Christ Jesus,aka practice wearing your crown.

There are two more treasures that perhaps should’ve been placed in the beginning but they are so interwoven to my life that I hadn’t thought to place them in the category of treasure. Yet the very fact that they are such a forefront of my life and the life of all Christians shows that it’s a treasure of now and to come! The first one should go without saying and it is the written Word of God. Left for us to have here on earth as the greatest adventure,live story,self help,and life saving letters and communication from our Father. “For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.”- Hebrews 4:12

“All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.” – 1 Timothy 3:16-17

“But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” Matthew 4:4 People through time have fought over this treasured Word of God. It’s been translated over and over and is still being translated to new languages as we speak! It has been kept alive throughout Eve generation and will for eternity!

Lastly although there definitely are more heavenly treasures, is the Holy Spirit who is God Himself left to comfort and guide us while here on earth but for all time. Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost. Romans 15:13 says “Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost.” This tells us where our joy and peace come from. If we ever find ourselves lacking of those things it might be wise to evaluate if we’ve pushed the spirit aside and given His room away to something else. “Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?”-1 Corinthians 3:16

Often we push the Spirit aside in times of trials or temptation. If we would rather call upon Him with all authority He is here as our great defender and comforter.

“And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever.”- John 14:16

I hope you have a little bit better understanding of what a heavenly and worthy treasure is after reading this. Perhaps you(and I) will remember that when our next paycheck comes or when our ever human heart begins to long for the next shiny trinket that will ultimately end up at the Goodwill later. I believe the more we meditate on the things above the closer we are at making eye contact with our Lord. You can’t easily be distracted when your eyes are locked on the God above. When the awe and wonder,beauty and might of our Father and are experienced in our lives, the earth bound things become less and less attractive. One day you’ll realize those aren’t what you hunger to collect because to take your eyes away from the Father for even a moment is more than you can bear. For a moment from His goodness is a moment in desire that can’t be filled with the world.

Lock your eyes on Him and when you must slumber pray as I heard once “that eternity be stamped on my eyelids”.

Blessings and peace,pilgrim Nicci

Let’s Rock…Shamrock!

If you’re anything like me you’re a sucker for a good holiday treat. Long held as my very favorite holiday was St. Patrick’s. Only recently was it bumped to second place by Valentine’s Day. Naturally when March 1st hit my inner party animal started to crave the shamrock shake from McDonald’s. Not only am I repulsed by McDonald’s but a quick scan of my @ww app told me that the minty goodness would cost me an entire day’s worth of points. I said “see ya later alligator (see what I did there..it’s green,the shakes green) and I started a Pinterest search for a #ww friendly shake option! It wasn’t long on the enter-webs that I found my desired recipe. After work,after I hit the gym, and I hit the local Walmart. If you know me you know that Walmart is my least favorite place to shop but desperate times call for desperate measures. I gathered the necessary ingredients and straight home I went! I followed the recipe to a T and what I got was good but not great. Not one to give up so easily I added this and a pinch of that and what we have here is the most rocking shamrock shake ever created! I know,I know, I’m a genius mastermind and you can start sending me gift of appreciation at any time.
So what’s in a shamrock shake you might ask? I’ll tell you…because that’s just how incredibly nice I am!
Equate vanilla shake
3 oz. plain Greek yogurt
8 grams sugar free pudding mix
Stevia tad
Vanilla splash
Mint 1/2 teaspoon
Green food coloring
Ice more than 10 cubs that’s all I’m sayin
Optional topping:
I did 23 grams coconut whipped topping this added 2 extra points
Sprinkles this added the fun

Can you guess the points? The original McDonald’s one is 23 points. Mine is 3 for the shake and 2 if you are addicted to whip topping. That’s a total of 3-5 points on blue! Not bad eh?


Lost time is never found again.

-Benjamin Franklin


I’ve had a lot of time to think about time. We cannot go back in time and we have no key to the future of time. Only our Creator knows how much time we get but we get to chose how we use our time. I wouldn’t say that I’m an expert on how to effectively use one’s time but I have another thought that began brewing as I had some time to think about time. I’m going to share it with you and I hope it’s not a waste of your time. Do as little online shopping as you can. It reduces our time with outside human contact,fills the earth with more packaging,and you spend extra money in shipping that is wasteful. Make eye contact with those around you. Share a smile too. Make an appointment with a random friend once or twice a week. Make that a habit and try your best not to break it. For me it’s Wednesday’s and Saturday’s and it’s delightful. Laugh more than you cry unless you need to cry. In that case embrace the tears and move on. Set a monthly goal and make sure you achieve it. You don’t want to start the next month with regret but rather accomplishment. Your time here on earth matters so make the ticking of the seconds count. Serve others,keep on growing as a person,and above all else be thankful to the Lord above for the time that you have. Tell your friends and family and maybe even a stranger or two that you love them. You never know who might need to hear it. While your at it, even if you’re not a touchy person give hugs! Yes, hug those around you because why not? This world is sorely lacking human contact and you maybe the last hug a person gets while they have time left here on earth. Share the gospel freely but maybe not in a shove it down peoples throats kind of way. Share it in bold relationship and pockets of time that the Lord gives. Time, it can’t rewind and we can’t go forward until it’s time…how will you use your time?

Weight Watchers Chicken Parmesan

I’m not a food blogger by any stretch of the meaning but I do like food and when I create something that works why not share? This is a pretty basic recipe I made ahead of time for dinner tonight and I cannot wait to dig in! I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I hope you will!

I got most of my ingredients at Aldi. You can tailor this to meet your needs and point desires or family size! If you share this recipe I ask kindly that you credit me somewhere in your post.

2 serving Chicken Parmesan (7) on Blue

Cubed chicken (0)

Simply marinara (3) for 1 cup

Shredded mozzarella (5) points 1/2 cup

Mix together and bake @350 for 30-40 minutes

Topping mix in a separate bowl

28 grams shredded Parmesan or 1/4 cup (3)

Bread crumbs 28 grams or 1/2 cup

Garlic powder and Italian seasoning to taste

5-10 sprays of butter spray (I personally don’t count these you’ll have to look it up if you’re a purest) mix to combine. Put in top after the bake is done. Broil 2-3 minutes on low(watch it)

Snippet:When We Call Out Sin, It’s costly

When we call out sin, it is costly.

There is a type of false Christianity that I want no part of. It’s the American Christianity where we build million dollar buildings to play sports but call it a ministry. Where we say we want the lost to be saved but only if it’s the type of brown skin we approve of that we are saving. It’s bombing one nation because they are the enemies then adopting the children of those whom were slaughtered. Wear your suit and your political party colored tie to church on Sunday. Hear a sermon that lines up with how you vote. Teach your children to be good American citizens first then to trust God second but be sure when talking to others say it in reverse. Protection comes from God while on the corner tracts are passed out but when it comes right down to it the faith is not in God alone but in the trigger pulled where it never should have been. Serving others is nice unless you have to deal with their problems. This is a Christianity that dehumanizes those that don’t see eye to eye where verbal knives can be thrown without seeing the consequences. Once saved always save keeps a person comfortable in sin. Children pledge to a flag but never themselves commit their life to God content to cling to the religion of mommy and daddy. Love fully,give freely,straighten your tie,make sure your rings sparkle. Have 2.5 children and go to church. Put in a smile,shake the hand,turn around the mask comes off. This is a dangerous place to be. Not because of the shots fired or persecution but because of a kingdom turned into culture that’s far too content resting in the arms of the world.

Snippet:“Will I regret this if…”

Here we find ourselves in the very last few hours of 2019. Our news feeds are filling up with pictures of the year past and hopes and dreams for the year to come. If you’re anything like me you are more than ready to say good riddance to 2019! I don’t need to bore you with the long list of why “woe is me this year was horrible”. Maybe you have a reason to whine and complain or maybe you don’t but that isn’t stopping you from doing so. Whatever the case I’m encouraging you(and me) to leave 2019 in 2019 and look forward with all anticipation of what God will do in your (my) life as you seek His face in each of the moments to come. There will be trials just as in 2019 and those years gone on before but you survived and you’ll survive any bumps in the road of the future. There’s also going to be great memories to experience,relationships to form,love to share,goals to achieve and when you(Me) make it to this time next year you’ll be proud of yourself IF you keep your focus on the Lord and the goals you set out for yourself. My problems in 2019 can largely be attributed to me losing focus as I faced challenge after challenge. I could have saved myself a lot of pain. Ask yourself (I ask myself) “Will I regret this if…” and “Does this make me proud?” Oh and most importantly “Am I glorifying my Father?” Most of you know my goal this year is to lose 110 lbs(now 95ish). As you follow along on my journey I want to encourage you to make a big goal for yourself. Share with me how you are doing with it and let’s support each other along the way! Comment your goal and I’ll write it down and pray for you!

Here are my beginning pictures I took tonight. Remember this thing: You only have to make one choice at a time to reach your goal. We only get one day at a time so why not live it to the fullest taking as many steps one step at a time as we fulfill each moment we are given.

1)I feel beautiful and happy tonight the last night of 2019.

2-4) My before pictures as of today. I took before pictures 13lbs. Ago but I wanted to share tonight’s.


I realized I’ve been sharing with others but I wanted to share with you all as well.

Wednesday I wrote:

Today I made a choice. Today is my day to begin my next journey. I’ve debated if I’d share it with others or if it something I’d silently do on my own. I think I’ll do as I do with the rest of my life. I’ll be honest. I am overweight. There’s no hiding it or pretending it away. I can honestly say I’m fat but I don’t look in the mirror and see ugly. In fact I wish I did because maybe it would have been more motivating in the past. My choice is being driven by my career choice. I work with complex children and have to have the stamina to keep themselves and myself safe when they are in my care. I can’t be winded going up a flight of stairs because they’ll know that I’m physically weak and they will twist that to believe they are not safe. I choose strength over weakness. Weakness of physical limitations and weakness over mental limitations. I have let other people’s unintentional hurtful words keep me from caring to be the best me. Well after this year of overcoming hard things I’m done letting others rule my life. No I don’t feel ugly by my fat but I do feel weak and I am not ok with that. I choose to be strong! However let’s be honest, we as women all* want to be slimmer than what we are. It’s just a fact. I’m ok admitting I look forward to what I’ll see in the future. Strength in my confidence!

*Some women would wish to be able to gain weight. I just meant we all want to look good!

On Saturday(I’m not share my exact words because they are not for this setting.)I wrote about being thankful to be alive and how just a month ago I seriously started questioning me being alive. I hated myself and and felt so alone. You can see the difference in the side by side pictures. I really reached an all time low. I knew if I didn’t make some choices I wouldn’t just be dying on the inside but I’d actually die if I didn’t do something. I decided to make some choices to delete my social media accounts and make new ones. I did this to control who’s lives I saw and who saw mine. It was too hard to see the community I was once active in go on with life. They made a choice not to be in my life and they no longer get the privilege of seeing my life through a window so to speak. It was the most freeing choice. Then I made a choice to start weight watchers. That too has been a freeing choice. I have made a series of positive and life changing choices so I might choose to live and not simply survive each day! I have never been more proud of myself! I couldn’t have done it without the prayers of my true friends and community. I have had my burden lifted!

Today I wrote:

New Zero


I’m thankful for a new day to love,serve,and become a new me. We start each day at zero. Zero knowledge of how the day will turn out. Zero steps logged in the pilgrimage for that day. Zero mistakes made (yet). The possibilities are endless and a good portion of those possibilities are in our own control to move forward in them or not. We have the control over a lot..not everything but with each step we are making a choice. With each step our zero becomes 1/10/100/1,000/10,000 and more which help up reach our goal! The zero can either look like a defeat before we even begin or an open road with victory at the end. WE get to choose which way we’ll view this pilgrim road! I started my journey at zero. I had nothing left. I was literally at zero. I had lost zero weight,I had zero care in me. I had zero of the life I once had. Until one day I saw my zero as a possibility! My zero is now four! I’ve lost four pounds and those four pound are just as exciting to be lost as if it were the 110 lbs. I need to lose. Just as we start out at zero in our personal lives we start out at zero in our spiritual lives. Before we have Christ we have nothing! When we see and accept His unfailing love for us that’s when our nothing turns into a possibility. From there we set out to follow Him on the greatest pilgrimage we will make. The goal is our marriage to Him. We are literally journeying on to get to our wedding to the king of kings! Along the way we drop a lot of weight. Step,step,step…drop anxiety. Step,step,step…drop the anger. Step,Step,Step …drop our idols. Step,Step,step…What weight will you drop today? Soon your zero will bring you to your finish line and you won’t be walking but rather running and I don’t know about you but I’m excited for each of my steps from zero to then!


Psalm 143:8 Cause me to hear thy lovingkindness in the morning; for in thee do I trust: cause me to know the way wherein I should walk; for I lift up my soul unto thee.

So a recap of what all this means. I crashed, I mean I REALLY crashed and I was not ok. I’m thankful for the people in my life that help me. I’m ok now..better than ok I’m thriving. I have made positive choices to only have the people in my life who invest in my life and I them. I started weight watchers last week and I’m loving it! I’m making good life choices and I’m a new me!